Sweet dreams: clothes you will sleep with (very) well

Sweet dreams: clothes you will sleep with (very) well

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Falling asleep after a long vacation can cost a bit. The post-vacation depression makes a dent after the days of disconnection on the beach and returning home is hard. However, we propose a few good ideas for a pleasant rest that begin by dressing your bed.

Advertising - Keep reading under Relaxing fabrics

Choosing the right tissues is also key to a pleasant rest. Linen and cotton, basic lifelong fabrics, return strongly to wear austere and refined environments. The whites and dyes dye them. Photo: H&M Home.

Romantic textiles

Nothing like getting into a bed full of romantic details and handmade embroidery where neutral tones act as natural relaxants. Dress your bed with white and beige tones to find the calm that your body needs. You can add gold details to break the look single color Fill it with cushions with different shapes for comfort. Get inspired by this Zara Home idea.

Back to the basics

There are many months left to experiment with the new seasons. If you're not ready yet, go back to the usual basics. Its relaxed monochrome will bring you calm. Dress your bed in soft roses or relaxed indigo. Photo: The Linen Works.

Debugged Lines

It is time to experiment in the bedroom trying the great maximum of relaxation: "less is more". Thus, the environments of refined lines with few elements that play block color in basic tones are the great winners of relaxation. Photo: Normann Copenhagen.

Flower sheets

Flowers are also an element of great importance. Choose them in basic tones such as gray or black, with highly realistic prints, as if you wanted to move the garden to your bed. Combine them with light textiles where they are the protagonists. Photo: H&M Home

Comfortable clothes

Also renew your clothes closet to be at home. Undo the idea of ​​old clothes to be comfortable on the couch or reading a book in bed. The firms have designs specially designed to provide comfort such as Oysho's proposals, in neutral tones and patterns that adapt perfectly to your body making you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Japanese pattern

The Japanese design of the classic kimono has also been another of those chosen by Oysho to present their new clothing proposals to be at home. Robes and pajamas in raspberry tones, pastel pink and delicate flowers are some of his proposals.


In the same line Zara Home proposes its new collection of 'Homewear'. Dark tones such as black, marengo or navy blue color comfortable and spacious proposals with flirty details like this short-sleeved nightgown (€ 50).