In this Warsaw apartment the sun always shines

In this Warsaw apartment the sun always shines

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This small but charming apartment of 58 m2 is located in an old building built in 1938 in the Żoliborz district, Warsaw. At that time, it was inhabited by army officers and their families, whose headquarters were in "Cytadela."

Unfortunately, there was not much left of those elegant interiors, but the MADAMA architecture studio has managed to give the space a new one, following the expectations of its current owners. We show it to you!

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The new kitchen open to the living room, allowed to visibly increase the space. In this way, the American bar acts as a dividing element between both zones.

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Already in the bedroom, we find a cozy space, designed to become the refuge of the owners. In it, two very large custom cabinets perfectly fulfill their role as wardrobes, while the herringbone oak parquet evokes the building's past.

And taking into account the fact that the interiors are austere in color, the floor has an unparalleled decorative strength, being able to be seen in a part of the kitchen, the bathroom, and also the entrance, covered at the same time with tiles from Vives

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