The ultimate trick to peel garlic

The ultimate trick to peel garlic

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It's time to peel garlic. That awkward moment in which the skin sticks to your fingers and you spend 10 minutes fighting with a clove of garlic at all costs. Or you, or him. After seeing this, your life will change.

Who can resist a delicious dish? Of course, every dish like that requires a fundamental cooking time in which to save minutes by peeling garlic, for example, it helps (and a lot).

This way of pearlizing them is revolutionizing the Internet. A simple way with which in a matter of seconds you will have your garlic cloves peeled and ready to cook.

Place the garlic in a glass jar with a lid. It can serve you one of canned recycled. Close it and shake it thoroughly. Meanwhile, garlic skin will fall due to movement.

A fantastic idea to have in another jar of preserves your garlic already peeled, fresh and ready for your recipes.