How to take advantage of a small bedroom

How to take advantage of a small bedroom

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Inma Barata Publicidad - Keep reading under 1 At the end of the bed

It is usually a wasted area, but if you put a trunk or a pair of stacked bags, you will have more space to store sheets, duvet covers or clothes from another season. This model is from Car Möbel.

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2 A dresser instead of the bedside table

Do not give up having a dresser. A fashion trend is to replace the bedside tables with a dresser on one side of the bed and a floor lamp on the other. The advantage? In it you can store clothes that would not fit in a bedside table. This one, by Car Möbel, has drawers with different height to make your space better profitable and store jewelry, handkerchiefs or clothes depending on the size.

3 Headboard with surprise

Instead of traditional models, look for a design that provides extra utility. Brimnes, of Ikea, includes side shelves that allow dispensing with the bedside tables. Its measurements: 146 x 28 x 111 cm.

4 mini size shelves

To place a couple of candles or your collection of perfume pots, these little house-shaped shelves have the right bottom to decorate the wall without obstructing the passage inside the bedroom. They are the model House, in 25 x 40 x 9 cm and in 30 x 10 x 45 cm (€ 19.99 the set of the two in the Casa stores).

5 A custom design work Inma Barata

When the bedroom is very narrow, it is worth investing in a piece of furniture that adapts to the available meters. This headboard - which includes a running shelf and a niche to have the books at hand - is a magnificent solution when there is little space on both sides of the bed, since thanks to it it is not necessary to add bedside tables. It is a design by Inma Barata.


6 Wall light

Your bedside table is so small that there is not even a centimeter left to place the alarm clock or reading glasses on it? Replace the table lamp with a wall sconce. If it is articulated, you can modify its orientation effortlessly. This model is from Maisons du Monde.

7 Bedside table, the lightest option

It consists of a shelf that is fixed to the wall and, in addition to occupying a minimum space, makes the environment seem clearer. Have you noticed the lighting systems? The flexo Hugo, in fuchsia, add interest to this corner. And, so that the reading is perfect, a flexo with clamp is attached to the headboard. Both are from Leroy Merlin.

8 The lamp, the narrower, the better

It is a matter of proportions. If the bedroom is small, a table lamp with a screen of 40 cm in diameter and a wide base will make the environment seem tiny. Find a model that harmonizes with the global space of the bedroom. But being small does not mean it goes unnoticed. This model, from Bloomingville, is only 15 cm in diameter, but its dusty pink color will attract all eyes.

9 Yes to the ceiling lamps

This time we do not propose the traditional location, in the center of the bedroom. A growing trend is the very long cable suspension lamps that are installed on the bedside table, so that the screen is about 45 cm from its surface. Its advantages? You free up space on the bedside table and achieve a charming ambient lighting. The model Eve, Modoluce, combines white screen and colored cable.

10 Wardrobe with sliding doors

It is a basic in small bedrooms. The sliding sheets slide to the sides and allow you to take advantage of the space in front of them to place the bed or other furniture without fear of knocking them when you open the door.


11 A mirror to give depth

Full-length designs reflect the wall opposite and multiply the feeling of depth. The result? The bedroom looks twice as big. The model Get from La Oca, it has a blank metal structure and a jewelry organizer in the back. Two in one!

12 Galan at night ... with chair

The dream of having a night gallant where leaving clothes ready for the next day is not incompatible with the small space. Metamorfosi, from the Morelato firm, it is included in this chair suitable for mini bedrooms, which will also allow you to fit comfortably.