6 Quick and effective tricks to clean the house this weekend

6 Quick and effective tricks to clean the house this weekend

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We wash the sheets as usual, but what about the pillow? You also have to wash it two or three times a year. Always check the label before cleaning it.

If your pillow is washable latex or visco-elastic, moisten a cloth with soap and water and clean it with circular motions. Dry it first with towels and then placing it flat without direct light. If it is made of feathers or synthetic fiber, put it in the washing machine with two tennis balls wrapped in thick socks.


Tiles When cooking, grease, water vapor, smoke, etc. are adhering to the surface. White vinegar is very useful for removing watermarks. If you want to get rid of the accumulated grease on the wall, clean with ammonia diluted in water and let it ventilate. Once clean, shine shine by spraying glass cleaner spray. They will be shiny!

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Together. Over time they wear out due to moisture, grease ... and mold, bacteria and other microorganisms begin to appear. Dilute half a cup of apple cider vinegar in half a cup of water and apply it with a brush. Let act
5 minutes and clean with a cloth dipped in hot water.


The flat ones require specific care so that they do not spoil. Remove the accumulated dust with a duster and remove finger stains by moistening a microfiber cloth with a mixture of water and alcohol.

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Do not press against the screen, but pass it gently. For more difficult stains, you can use a solution of water and white vinegar. Do not clean or dry with paper towels, you could scratch it.


Remove the remains of lime from the toilet, spraying the inside with a mixture of half a cup of white vinegar and the juice of a lemon. Leave on for 30 min, clean with the brush and rinse.

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You can also apply a paste made with 100 g of baking soda and 20 ml of hydrogen peroxide.


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To remove traces of coffee or wine on carpets, moisten a sponge with a solution of water and ammonia or lemon juice and detergent, apply with circular and dry movements.

ARTIFICIAL FLOWERSClean them regularly with a suede catches dust or with the dryer.

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If they can be washed, soak them in a bowl of soap and water. If not, put them in a bag full of salt and shake vigorously; The dirt will fall. Parlane