Operation terrace (or how to give a touch of make up deco to your terrace)

Operation terrace (or how to give a touch of make up deco to your terrace)

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Courtesy El Corte Inglés

The environment always influences, of course, but proper decoration can work miracles, especially when it comes to designing terraces and outdoor spaces. Do you want to see it?

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If you don't like risks and prefer to choose a safe and elegant combination for your terrace, this beautiful set includes a corner with capacity for 8 people and green cushions, a coffee table with tempered glass top, and a set of two poufs with cushions. From the English Court.

Your lounge area

Inspired by a cabin, this outdoor bed It's perfect for summer naps (and to become the protagonist of your terrace). From Gunni & Trentino.

A natural table

A low table As this acacia solid will be very functional, and at the same time will give a natural touch to your terrace. From Maisons du Monde.

Glam nature

A flower pot dorado and a beautiful plant will add all the glamor of the world to your terrace. From Zara Home.


Cushions, many cushions! One of the basics that can not be missing in any terrace That boasts. Just do not forget to choose them of varied colors, which we are in summer! From Gunni & Trentino.

Magic carpet

A carpet on the terrace? The answer is: of course it is. In addition to giving it a very elegant look, if you choose a jute like this you will create a more natural and cozy atmosphere. From the English Court.

An original touch

A side table It may be more useful than you think, and since they take up little space, they are ideal! Also, if you choose one with a design as cool as you are, everyone who sees it will think it is a sculpture. Anthropologie.

Folding chairs

The chairs they never hurt, and if you receive unexpected visits or if you organize a zenith... they will come with pearls! One tip: buy them foldable, and in this way, when you are not going to use them you can save them and save space. From the English Court.

Relax on the move

That the hanging chairs They are a trend is something as true as it rains half the year in Asturias, so ... what are you waiting for to take one of these to your terrace? Anthropologie.

Lounger with style

With a fabulous design, this deck chair in the color of the season it will become the muse of your terrace. From Gunni & Trentino.